Treat insomnia and anxiety with this powerful plant!

treat insomnia and anxiety

Homemade medicine

Treat insomnia and anxiety with this powerful plant!

Treat insomnia and anxiety with this powerful plant!

The Benefits of melissa oil are diverse as it possesses a lot of essential nutrients for the body’s overall health. See more:

The essential oil of melissa, is widely used to treat a number of health problems, such as: insomnia, anxiety, migraine, hypertension, diabetes, herpes, depression and dementia.

Its antiviral and antimicrobial properties are present in a sweet and pleasant aroma. And one of the most well known benefits of melissa oil is its ability to treat herpes sores and viruses, naturally, without the need for antibiotics.

treat insomnia and anxiety

See now some of the benefits of melissa oil

1. Improves the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

2. It has anti-inflammatory activity

3. Prevents and treats infections

4. Promotes skin health

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Learn how to make water from Melissa

There is yet another way to consume melissa: the water of melissa. This is a homeopathic medicine that can be bought in pharmacies without a prescription.

This medicine is used to treat intestinal gas. prevents spasms and cramps in the stomach, intestine and bladder; is stimulant and soothing the digestive system; analgesic (decreases pain) and lowers blood pressure. The water of melissa, like the tea of ​​this plant, also calms and relaxes the nerves. It has sedative effects, that is, promotes sleep, and so it is better to be consumed before bed.

Caution if you already take sleeping pills because the drug interaction of melissa water with other sedatives may cause excessive drowsiness.

How to use melissa’s water

It is recommended to use 30 drops of melissa water diluted in half a glass of water to use as a sleeping pill, or to combat problems of anxiety and insomnia. But the ideal is to consult a doctor who can evaluate your case and indicate or not the melissa for you in particular.


20 grams of melissa leaves 3 grams of angelica leaves 3 grams of coriander 2 cinnamon leaves 0.5 grams of clove 15 grams of lemon peel 1 liter of alcoholic beverage (vodka) How to prepare

To prepare, just mix all the herbs with the alcoholic beverage and leave marinas for 15 days, stirring occasionally. Then simply filter and store in an enclosed glass and store away from heat.

The dosage is 30 drops diluted in water.

In addition it is also possible to use melissa in the form of tea.

Melissa tea is popularly used for digestive problems, to eliminate the gases caused by poor digestion, providing well-being after heavier meals. It is also great for relieving nausea, menstrual cramps and migraines.

To make melissa tea, simply boil 200 ml of water and then add a handful of the leaves of the herb, cap and leave infused for 10 or 15 minutes.

When it is warm, strain and drink. The melissa is naturally sweet and very delicious, it does not need to sweeten but you can add a few drops of lemon that will look very good!

Consume tea before bed, or at times when it is possible to relax because it causes drowsiness.

Contraindications of melissa water

Melissa water should not be consumed by people who have hypothyroidism, children under two, pregnant or lactating.

It is also contraindicated for people who are sensitive to alcohol or are being treated to stop drinking alcohol as the drug contains alcohol. Seek medical advice if you have chronic conditions such as diabetes or liver problems before consuming melissa water.

There are no reports of side effects making normal use of melissa water. But excess melissa can cause abdominal discomfort, pain and gas. Seek care in case of accidental overeating of melissa water.

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