The Best Colon Cleanser In The Market

The number of colon cleansing products in the market has increased along with the popularity of health and weight loss programs. Colon cleansers are known for removing toxins and compacted fecal matter to promote better absorption of nutrients and avoid keeping bacteria-breeding materials in the body.

Because of the effectiveness of such products, the demand for them has grown exponentially in the past few years. Many different types of colon cleansers have also been developed and are being promoted in the market today. The question now is not where to find one but how to choose the right product that fits your lifestyle.

Colon cleansing products now come in different forms. These include synthetic laxatives, enemas, herbal supplements, and oxygen-based products. While it could be easy enough to try them all to determine which works best for you, it is also important to learn more about the products before even considering the idea of ingesting them.

Laxatives are one of the first synthetic colon cleansing products in the market. The most popular laxative in the market today is Ex-Lax which can be purchased as pills or in chocolate-coated form. Being in the market for almost a century, Ex-Lax has proven to be very effective in inducing bowel movement. However, it must only be used in cases of irregular bowel movement and must not be ingested too often as it may cause dependency leading to heart, liver, and kidney problems.

Another form of colon cleansing products is the enema. These products involve the use tubes to insert fluid to the colon through the anus. The most popular of which is the Fleet Bisacodyl which is actually used in many hospitals. Fleet Bisacodyl is popular not only because it can easily be bought but also because it is relatively cheap. Like synthetic laxative pills, enemas should not be used too often as it causes the same side effects. Furthermore, excessive use of this product may cause lesions to appear in the anus.

Herbal supplements are now the preferred type of colon cleansing products. They come in many forms including tea bags, dietary fiber, or capsules. The most popular brand of herbal supplements is Colonix which comes in all three herbal supplement forms. Because they are composed of natural products, they are deemed to be among the safest in the market. However, with colon cleansing programs that last for months, it is important to make sure that your body can handle it. It might be best to consult a doctor in case you are at risk of liver, heart, or kidney malfunction by taking these products. Remember that not all products are suited for everyone.

The last of the most common colon cleansing forms are oxygen-based products that are meant to be ingested. These products are composed of ozonated magnesium oxides that decompose hardened fecal matter right in the colon to aid excretion. The most popular of which is Oxy-Powder recommended for those that are regularly constipated. These oxygen-based products are among the latest additions to the best colon cleansers available in the market and have been carefully developed to address common unwanted side effects and contain boosters for the immune system as well.

The choice regarding which colon cleansing product to use is really up to you. It is important to determine the requirements of your lifestyle and your current health situation before making a decision. Without careful consideration of these factors, you might be risking multiple health problems in the long run.

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