How to lose belly fat in a week

How to lose belly fat
The accumulation of fat in the region of the abdomen is an evil that affects many men and women.After all, it’s one of the most difficult to eliminate fat types. It affects many people, with more or less weight.

The first step for you to get rid of this localized fat is to discover its cause, which is different for man and woman. From there, you can take care of the problem in an underlying way, eliminating all the accumulated fat.


The concentration of certain hormones have an inverse effect on men and women. Thus, low levels of testosterone, for example, are associated with an increase in belly fat in men. In women, in turn, the increase in abdominal fat happens due to the accumulation of levels of that same hormone. That is, the excess in the woman and the low level in the man provoke the terrible effect of an outgoing belly.

Knowing this basic cause, it is possible to find ways to lose it and keep the abdomen lean, without excess, with that tiny belly that so many like.

How to lose belly fat
How to lose belly fat

If you belong to males and your testosterone levels are below 300 ng / dl, this condition may be indicative of metabolic syndrome, and this is mainly characterized by the accumulation of fat in the belly. Also, if you do not take care of food and start gaining weight by increasing your abdominal fat level, it will further reduce testosterone levels, making it more difficult to eliminate excess fat.

If you are a woman and your testosterone levels are above 70 ng / d, this may mean you have polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS. A syndrome that is usually accompanied by hirsutism.Symptoms include the appearance of excess hair on the face, chest and limbs. Possibly, your body is showing resistance to insulin and the tendency is to win the hated belly.

In either case, you need a correct diagnosis and find the best way to counter the hormonal causes.This will make body have proper functioning again and regulate body fat levels.


You can find numerous recipes on how to lose it. As for example, if you take certain tea or eat certain food, you will lose the fat on the belly first. However, there is no food, exercise or any type of herb that will make your body remove only the fat from the belly, leaving the others aside.

You need to first start consuming fewer calories than you spend every day. That is, you need a calorie deficit. Over time, your body will begin to convert your fat into energy, and by doing so, your deposits will begin to disappear. But, see: this will not happen by a miracle.

In men, it is the last one that will disappear. First the fats will disappear from other parts of the body.Only then will the body use the belly fat. There is no way to change this pattern of reduction, except for a liposuction.

Being male or female, you also need to know that it is impossible to lower fat cells if you do not exercise regularly. Not only anaerobic but also bodybuilding. By practicing it you will burn your fats for hours and even days, even after the workout.


You can also collaborate further by controlling your carbohydrate intake. It is possible to change the natural levels of hormones in the body. Remember that they help control and reduce belly fat.

You may have heard about growth hormone and the possibility of using supplements to help you lose weight. Certainly these supplements can help with fat reduction and. In a way, they moderate the biological aging that we have. However, even with supplements, you will never succeed in losing belly fat. You need to exercise regularly and have a healthy diet. Avoid many fried foods and anything that contributes to being overweight.

To lose belly fat once and for all, the right way is to diet (with healthy foods, not restrictive diet), to exercise, to use the right supplements to keep your hormones at normal levels. It is necessary to maintain the discipline, not being led by the temptation of a sedentary life or of exaggerating in the feeding.

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