How to Burn Copy Written DVDs – A 3 Step Guide

In today’s technology driven world, VHS tapes have nearly become extinct and DVD is the new standard of video formatting. Nearly every home has a DVD player and a collection of favorite movies, sitcoms, and entertainment media. The big companies that have copy written this material are making an attempt to protect their investment so it cannot be duplicated, but what about the consumer who wants to protect their investment too? After all, DVDs aren’t cheap and what better way than to burn copy written DVDs you have purchased to protect your expensive investment.

It is possible now to do this, even with copy written DVDs, and I want to show you how in this painless guide to burning copy written DVDs in 3 simple steps.

Step 1– First you are going to need the DVD burner hardware. You are probably already familiar with what DVD burners are or have heard of them and many new computers come with these already installed. But, if you are not, they are a drive similar to your CD-ROM drive in your computer that actually writes the formatted image to a blank disc that you play in your DVD player. The cheapest way to obtain one of these units is to have it already installed when you purchase your computer, but if not they can always be added later. Most all computer electronics stores such as Staples, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, etc. will have them and associates who can point you in the right direction for a particular model.

Step 2– The second fundamental step and/or component are blank recordable discs. These are not your average CD-R or CD-RW disc that most of us are familiar with for burning music CDs. A DVD-R is formatted specifically for the file types that you will be burning to them and will ensure that your disc quality remains at its best. Do not go cheap on these! They are what you are burning your copy written DVDs to and come in a variety of storage sizes so you’ll want to cross reference the size of the DVD you want to burn and the size of the blank disc so they are equal or better in capacity.

Step 3– The last and most important part of learning how to burn copy written DVDs is having a quality DVD burning software program. There are many programs available to burn DVDs but not all of them have the capability of burning copy written DVDs. After all, what good is the program if you can’t burn your expensive copy written DVDs!? Having said that always read the product description and ensure that it does have those capabilities. It is also a good idea to read a review from others who have used the product to determine whether it has the features you desire. Once you have the software installed, a step-by-step screen will prompt you through the process and have you burning copy written DVDs in a few easy steps!

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