9 healthy snacks to lose weight

healthy snacks

healthy snacks

9 healthy snacks to lose weight

From detox soup that takes the place of green juice to refreshing drinks and vegan desserts, see what’s already trend in diets

Get in shape and eliminate a few extra pounds is among your goals for 2018? So it is a good motivation the more can be to enjoy the healthy foods that are prone to increase the diet.

This week, Pinterest released a survey of what’s pumping social media on healthy foods, and we’ve separated revenues from each of the ideas to help you set the goal for the coming year.

Here are 10 healthy eating ideas, tips for recipes and tips:

1. Meals made in the fryer without oil

It has been a while since this appliance gained space in the kitchens and, as indicated by searches on the social network, it is still up. According to the company, the “air fryer” pins saved had an increase of 1,809% recently.

The advantage of this utensil is in the name: it is possible to prepare “fried” foods, but without using oil. It works with hot air circulation and gets crisp and sweet foods.

This is the dynamic double of diets because it brings together lean protein, chicken, and a low-glycemic carbohydrate, sweet potato, which has a slower absorption through the body and brings the feeling of satiety for longer.

For the recipe, from the blog Mel e Pimenta, you will need:

700 g of sweet potato

700 g of cooked chicken (shredded or processed)

½ large finely chopped onion

1 or 2 egg whites (depends on the moisture of the ingredients)

Chopped parsley

Salt and pepper

To bread:

1 egg

A little milk

Flaked oats or flaxseed or linseed flour

Start by cooking the potatoes, already washed and peeled. When they are very soft, mash them to a puree. Then mix the chicken to the potatoes and add the seasonings. The dough is ready and you can model with your hands. If it gets very crumbly, it may include a clear one. Once the balls are done, pass the beaten egg with a pinch of salt and milk and beat in the flour. You can bake the cookies in the oven or in the fryer without oil.

2. Detox soup

According to Pinteres, green juice has stayed in the past and the fashion is now the detox soup, a practical option of “warm food” to help organize the diet with ingredients that help the body to eliminate toxins. The theme presented an increase of 306%.

The tip is the digital influence Carol Magellan and combines with winter or that day of milder temperature. According to the blogger, the recipe combines vegetables and has only 201 calories per serving.

2 carrots

2 zucchini

4 sprigs of cauliflower

1 handful of leek

1 small onion

1 small tomato (can be up to 2 cherries)

3 tablespoons chopped quinoa

1/2 tablespoon olive oil

1 handful of chives

200 ml of water

Salt to taste (may be Himalayan rose)

In a pan, brown the onion and sauté the vegetables – all cut into small pieces. Add water and salt and cook until the ingredients are well cooked. Add the quinoa and complete the baking. Finish with chives.

3. Healthy Coffee

Our daily drink is getting more turbid. There are those who add whey protein and or Peruvian maca to the drink, beating everything in the blender.

An idea that was already fashionable among the famous and turn around and stir is commented again is the coffee with coconut oil. According to nutritionists, it is a powerful thermogenic – it helps the body to speed up metabolism and burn fat – and a great option to start the day.

4. Moroccan Spices and Korean Seasonings

Food experts also argue that a good way to get fit and prepare healthy foods is by lowering the salt used in the kitchen. The excess of this substance causes swelling and various ailments. One way to use less salt is by investing in seasonings.

The Pinterest survey shows that Moroccan seasonings are booming, with an increase of 2.579% on the saved pins.

From Africa to Asia, another seasoning that is trend is the Korean, especially the gochujang.

5. Vegetable proteins

Vegetarians or vegans have gained more and more space and healthy food choices. With this, there is a tendency for searches on “vegetal proteins”. And know that foods like lentils, beans or quinoa can supplement food and help those who do not eat meat.

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Recipe tip: lentil hamburger

Vegan looking for a nice sandwich can prepare this burger, source of protein, according to Alternative Tempero website.

1 cup raw lentils

1 cup oatmeal (or rice flour for gluten intolerant)

1 large onion

Salt to taste

Parsley to taste (optional)

Vegetable oil

Preparation begins by baking the lentils until they are tender. Then drain the water and knead the lentils in a large dish and set aside. In a pan, put the oil and brown the chopped onion. Add the stuffed lentil, the seasoning and the flour to the chopped one. Finally, simply model the burgers and fry them at the time of consumption with a vegetable oil thread. If you prefer, you can freeze the hamburgers before frying.

6. Healthy Snacks

Who diets need healthy foods for the afternoon snack and to kill the hunger that appears throughout the day. According to Pinterest survey, “people who enjoy snacks are exchanging greasy and caloric potatoes for options like edamame and snap peas.”

7. Clarified butter

This ingredient has already given the talk here on the Delas and is on the list of Pinterest, with 155% increase in pins with “ghee”. It can be prepared at home and the result is a butter with less sodium and less lactose than the traditional version.

8. Vegan Desserts

Vegans are looking for alternatives to food without animal products not just when it comes to protein in the main dish. Vegan desserts are also on the rise and are more of a trend for next year.

In general terms, one way to prepare these dishes is to use coconut oil in place in the butter and seeds to replace the eggs. In this recipe of Nature Cure, for example, vegan chocolate gets one more touch with chia and gets ready in 5 minutes.

2 tablespoons coconut oil (needs to be liquid)

2 tablespoons cocoa powder

1/2 teaspoon of agave

Chia seeds

Mix the first three ingredients until you get a creamy texture. If you prefer, add more agave for a sweeter taste. You can then spread the dough on buttered paper or put in doughs until hardened. For even more nutritious recipe, add the chia seeds to the preparation.

They help those who want to lose weight because they form a kind of gel in the stomach and, with that, fill the space and give a feeling of satiety for longer. This gel also causes the absorption of nutrients to be made more slowly by the body, which is good for the diet and to take better advantage of the substances.

9. Drinks without alcohol

And if we are talking about a healthier and better life for 2018, it is best to leave the alcohol aside. The good thing is that there is a fairly extensive list of non-alcoholic drinks and other refreshing drinks pumping in the social network.

According to Mayra Cardi in a conversation with Delas, alcoholic beverages should be cut from the menu because they turn into sugar and fat in the body. This was even one of the items that the specialist has traced from the life of Anitta to help the singer to display this silhouette of envying many people.

To prepare drinks with the face of summer, the tip is to invest in combinations of juices and many ice rocks or even bet on flavored waters. Mint leaves to decorate are also an added charm.

Now is to separate what you like from this list of healthy foods and bet in 2018 with a balanced diet. It is also worth looking for a nutritionist or doctor to put together a customized menu for your goals for the coming year.

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