Hair Replacement Also For Eyelash

Eyelashes are one of the important hairs in the human body. Therefore, for weak, sparse, missing or damaged eyelashes, hair replacement may be done. This hair replacement system is called eyelash transplantation. This is done to restore the natural eyelashes and the ones growing on the eyelids permanently.

One may also have an eyelash extension procedure done so as to make the eyelashes exude a natural and luscious look that are perfect for everyday or even just for that special occasion you want to go to.

Synthetic eyelash extensions are the same as the synthetic hair used in hair replacements done on the hair on the top of your head. They make your eyelashes thicker and longer while having that natural look. Single stands are put on individually your own natural lashes. One may feel no discomfort or pain when the procedure is being done which is very fortunate to those who don’t have a high tolerance to pain. Eyelash extensions are very safe to use and leave on while sleeping, swimming, sweating, exercising and even taking a shower.

The eyelash extension application may take about 1 ½ hour to 3 hours. This would depend on the clients needs, wants and of course the expertise of the eyelash specialist.

One must take note though, that eyelash extension treatments are not for everyone. For the treatment to work effectively, synthetic eyelashes must be applied to existing natural eyelashes. This treatment is also not suitable for a person undergoing chemotherapy or one suffering from Alopecia Totalis.

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