Green Tea Soap

Green Tea Soap

The oxidation process of green tea and that of Black tea is different. However, they both come from the same plant called: Camellia Sinsensis. It is said that if the tea leaves are processed and heated as soon as they are harvested, the leaves are able to retain the more number of oxidants in them. This is the reason the color of this tea is different from that of regular tea.

Well, green tea soap is an ideal way to start off with your day, the good part about this is that this soap contains caffeine. It is stated that our body has the capacity to absorb caffeine, which gives an internal boost to the body. So this way you will start your day all pumped up. The second most important thing is the free radicals present: the ECGC. This radical helps in eliminating wrinkles and helps in reducing the signs of again. The anti-oxidants found in this tea is 20 times more than in our regular vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin E. This tea also helps in fighting wounds and minor skin problems that you might have. Green tea has the capability to rejuvenate the dye skin cells in our body, so this soap helps in many ways than just providing you with a good skin.

Various studies have been done on human bodies that prove that this tea has the capability to reduce the effects of sun damage. This is because of the fact that it has aa very soothing effect on the skin cells of our body. These soaps help in blocking the UV rays as well. So this way you will not be giving yourself a great boost, you will be protecting your body as well. A win win situation completely!

Now that you know all the things that this soap can do for you. What do you think? I think you should definitely switch to this soap. You have nothing to lose and whole lots to gain. So what ate you waiting for switch to green tea soap now !!!

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