Grapefruit Seed Extract Benefits – A Real Case

Someone asked me about grapefruit seed extract benefits. So this article will discuss and mention several items what grapefruit seed extract can do. This woman, she asks about the dosage, because the bottle she bought says to take 5-20 drop in a 5 oz. glass of water, with or without a meal 1-3 times daily.

According to Dr. Crook in "The Yeast Connection Handbook", some doctors have said it's as good as taking Nystatin. She'd be interested to hear from me how long she should take it for and what effect she could expect.

Based on my reference, a friend of mine who has been using grapefruit seed extract, she has used it for breast infections when she was in tremendous pain and had a 104 degree temperature. She was nursing a new baby and had yeast and mastitis at the same time in one breast.

She took the GSE (10 drops in a glass of water) once per hour along with vitamin C and a piece of fruit. Within a few hours the fever and the pain were gone. By morning, she could not tell anything had been wrong.

Grapefruit seed extract also can also treat scalp and toes. Even after just one application, the GSE lessened some mild toenail fungus, and also helped her flaky scalp.

Grapefruit seed extract has been known as good natural treatment for candidiasis. This article has shown several benefits among many others. Combination with the right antifungal drugs, it will effectively get rid of candida.

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