Author: Marcelo Varejão

The Recommended Sleep Times According To The National Sleep Foundation

  sleep times, national sleep foundation – Homemade medicine The length of your sleep time has a huge impact on your health, as it needs this opportunity to rest and reestablish its capacities. In this manner, numerous health problems…

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Tricks to keep away from coughs and colds

Tricks, to keep away from couchs and colds – homemade medication Everybody nonetheless appears to be coming down with a cough, chilly and even the flu. However you possibly can keep away from the snuffles, by placing our…

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The Benefits of Sourdough Bread

benefits, sourdough bread, health, healthy – Homemade medicine   A simple mixture of flour and water–a 6,000-year-old discovery in ancient Egypt–is all it takes to create sourdough starter. Left at room temperature, wild yeasts and the bacteria, Lactobacillus,…

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